Upcoming Services at Eastrose Fellowship UU

Services at 10:30 am

August 6, 2017
Are You Living a Life of Service?, Letitia Reason

Letitia Reason is a certified life coach whose passion is to help people discover who they are and what they are passionate about; and to empower them to live a life they truly love. She will speak about what it means to live a life of service, and how living an authentic life can be one of the greatest contributions any person can make.
Program Leader: Katie Ten Eyck

August 13, 2017
Finding Joy In Our Troubled Times, Rev. Sue Matranga-Watson

Many people have expressed depression, frustration, grief, and loss after the election in November last year. As time has progressed, our fears have been actualized with changes in health care, GLBT, women’s and disability rights, and care of our environment. Much energy and activism has abounded at this time too. But what about joy? How can we find joy in our troubled times? Rev. Sue Matranga-Watson will talk about finding joy in our lives and how important it is for our overall health, spirit and relationships with others. Reverent Matranga-Watson is a long-time Eastrose member and Community Minister.
Program Leader: Joyce Walsh

August 20, 2017
Living Into Community,Rev. Patti Pomerantz

Tomorrow, August 21, Oregon will be flooded by visitors brought together to witness an event which will last a few minutes – the experience of seeing our world plunged into a darkness so deep you cannot see your hand held inches from your face. I was privileged to see this phenomenon in Germany in 1999. Driving down a highway in a place we’d never been, we came upon a college campus, where we were absorbed into a group of people assembling for a common purpose. As we prepare to be that hosting community, I can’t help but wonder why is it we assemble; what is it we yearn for in community? Christine Pohl examines this question in her book for which this sermon is named. As we turn toward the beginning of another church program year, what do we yearn for in our community? I’ll share Pohl’s suggestions; and perhaps we can come up with more of our own.
Program Leader: Rev. Katie Larsell

August 27, 2017
Oregon My Oregon, Rev. Katie Larsell

We live in a paradise. Our state is famous for its beauty and for its liberal politics. While the nation settles in with a new conservative and nationalistic administration, we’ve got it great don’t we! . . . . . Or, do we? Rev. Katie Larsell is the executive director for Oregon Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice, a State Action Network (SAN) dedicated to bringing the voice of Unitarian Universalists into the public square. She is a long-time Eastrose member and one of our four Community Ministers.
Program Leader: Debbie Gordon

September 3, 2017
View from the Top of the Mountain, Lynn Lippert

Lynn Lippert, a happily retired physical therapist and educator, has traveled to all seven continents and been around the world. However, since cancer won’t leave her alone over the past twenty years, she has also been busy climbing mountains to raise money for breast cancer research, carrying a banner with names of cancer victims given to her by friends. This year the banner contained over 1,000 names. Ms. Lippert’s four battles with cancer and her drives to raise money for research by climbing mountains is inspirational and heartwarming.
Program Leader: Cynthia Hopkins