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This Sunday, June 25, 2017, 10:30 am 
Eid al-Fitr: Muslim Feast of Fasting
Fasting appears in tradition after tradition. Why? What does it do for the practitioner? Today we will explore Abrahamic traditions of fasting and feasting.
Speakers:                      Rev. Catherine Clarenbach
Program Leader:           Phyllis Adams
Musician:                       Tom Ten Eyk
Flowers:                         Isabel McAivlty Lopez
Chapel Prep:                  Lynne Pfeiffer
Scheduled Greeters:      Patty Walsh & Lia Nagase
Scheduled AV Wizard:   Michael Schilmoeller
Coffee:                            Eric Tschuy
Cleanup:                         Volunteer needed
Order of Service:            Lynne Pfeiffer


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Setting the Alarm:  Oops!  Did you forget to set the alarm (sign out) when you leave the church?  This has happened twice on Tuesday afternoons, sometime after Noon.  Also, the sign-out clipboard (above the alarm) was not initialed. 

Remember to (1) Sign the clipboard, (2) push the “set alarm” button only when the alarm says it is ready, and (3) after pushing the button, listen for the sound indicating you have a few minutes to leave the building. 

Please mark your calendar for July 1st as the Eastrose Cleanup Day, 9:00 to 1:00. 


The art show in the Eastrose Lobby is by Robin Kerr.
Robin is known for her bold and whimsical style. Her drawings are a modern interpretation of traditional collage and print making, while her paintings are aggressively abstract.  Her work has been used commercially in cards, children’s books, small business promotions and health care public awareness campaigns. A selection of her acrylic on cotton canvas paintings and high quality illustration prints is be on view and available for sale from June through August this year in the Eastrose Fellowship Art Gallery.


Summer Sessions have begun
Facilitators and Helpers are Needed! 
Snacks – If you’ve been thinking of bringing in snacks for the children, now would be a great time to do it!  Fruit popsicles, fresh veggies, mixed nuts, fresh or dried fruits, gluten/allergen free packaged food, etc. – All would be much appreciated.
Religious Exploration (RE) for Children and Youth Committee Contact Info:
Director of Religious Exploration – Debby Smith-Rohmbock (
YRUU Youth Group Lead Facilitator – Sue Steward (



Love In Action – A benefit concert and worship event to “uplift the survivors and honor the heroes of the Tri-Met tragedy.” Musicians, poets, and interfaith religious leaders join together to raise money to show love for those who are targeted by hate. If you’re an artist or religious leader who would like to take part in the service, contact Alonzo Chadwick at

The event is July 9 at 6 pm at Maranatha Church of God, 4222 NE 12th Ave, Portland, 97211. Proceeds will go to the families of the two teenage girls. For more information, contact or 5030-933-2022.





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Debby Rohmbock, Director of Religious Exploration
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Amanda Hofmann-Smith, Choir Director


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