Performances and Performance Opportunities at Eastrose




Speech Choir

Katie Ten Eyck leads this choral speaking group which performs at services and special events.

—more speech choir details coming soon—


Eastrose Sunrise Choir

We have a choir with Amanda Hofmann-Smith as our new – returning – director.

Rehearsals have begun, and performance schedule is set.


Rehearsals are 7:30pm – 9:00pm every Thursday (except May 25) through June 1, and resuming on August 17 following the summer break.


If you are not currently singing in the choir, feel free to join at any time – music for our next “gig” may overlap with music for future performances.


If you will be coming for the first time, please email Mary Reese by Thursday morning of that week, so that she can have a folder and music (and a chair!) ready for you when you arrive.


Sunday Performances will begin with a warm-up at 9:00 a.m.


The Sunday Performance Schedule for 2017 is:

April 16

May 7

June 4

September 10

Octobet 1

November 19

and there will be a special Christmas Eve performance on December 24 (in the evening, beginning at 5:00 p.m.)


Please note: All Thursday rehearsals and Sunday warm-ups will start ON TIME. Please be considerate of our director, Amanda, and of your fellow singers, by being in your seat, music ready, and prepared to sing at the appointed time. 


Thank you

Submitted by Eastrose Staff Pianist ~ Mary Reese