Library at Eastrose

The Eastrose Library is available to all members of  Eastrose Fellowship.  Its chief purposes are to:

  1. Enhance the religous curriculum needs of the children.
  2. Provide basic reference needs of the ministers.
  3. Provide materials for adults studying about Unitarian Universalist beliefs.
  4. Reflect current social concerns.


  • In all cases, anyone checking out a book should follow the proper sign-out procedure using cards or lists of materials so an accurate inventory may be taken once a year.
  • Religious education teachers may sign out materials for as long as needed.
  • Adults taking part in formal religious study may use the materials they check out until the end of the class.
  • Members reading books for their own interests may keep the material for four weeks.

Gifts and Memorials are encouraged.  However, they must meet the needs of the collection.  Gifts and memorials will  be announced in the Eastrose Petals.
Maintaining the Collection:  The entire collection will be evaluated once a year by the Librarian, the Director of Religious Education, and the Minister.  Some reasons for discarding materials are:

  1. Use
  2. Currency
  3. Accuracy
  4. Condition

Criteria for Selection of Materials:  Materials considered for selection, either in printed or audio-visual form, will preceded by a review of the material, if possible.  Reviews in Unitarian Universalist publications will be given high priority, dependent on the needs of the Collection.  Standard newspaper reviews and magazine reviews will also aid in the selection process.
Purchases:  Purchases of any new materials shall be decided by the Librarian, the President of the Board of Trustees, and the Director of Religious Education.