Principles and Purposes Mandala

Many newcomers have come through our doors since Linda Randall Nichenko created the beautiful Principles and Purposes Lithograph that hangs in our narthex.  Because we have had several recent inquiries about it, we decided to get  the word out again.

Principles and Purpose Mandala

To the left is a black and white representation of this beautiful poster.  The poster is in color.  Please visit Eastrose to see it.

This lithograph has been a successful fundraiser for Eastrose for ten years.  Created for Eastrose by Linda Randall Nichenko in 1991, it brings the name of Eastrose Fellowship into many congregations and homes across the country, as well as in Canada, Czechoslovakia, and Transylvania.

It is available to everyone through the Uni-Uniques catalog.

It is also available to Eastrose Members and Friends through Linda Randall Nichenko. If you are interested in purchasing a lithograph, let Linda know.   Write your check to Eastrose Fellowship and indicate that it’s for the “P & P Poster.”  All proceeds go to the Fellowship.