Art, Poetry, and Writing


Art at Eastrose:  Our Art-in-the-Lobby program offers an opportunity for Eastrosarians (and sometimes other friends) to exhibit their art, crafts, or thoughts.  Shows have included as many as 35 paintings and may be presented as a virtual exhibit on the Eastrose website.

Poetry and Writing at Eastrose:  Eastrose poets share their poetry in services as well as here on our website.  Eastrose occasionally has a Poetry Sunday service with Eastrosarians reading favorite poems, both their own and of other authors.

Eastrose is lucky have among its members some extraordinary poets, authors, and artists.

Arden Bensen


Arden Benson, by some called Eastrose’s Poet Laureate, writes often of his philosophy and ideas. Arden contributes a Poem of the Month to the Eastrose Poetry section of the website.

Elena Hofmann-Smith

Elena Hofmann-Smith is both a poet and and artist. Every so often she organizes “A Celebration of Poetry” for an Eastrose Sunday service. Members and friends read their original poetry, play their original music — or read or play their favorite poetry or music.

Robert Dean McNeil

Robert Dean McNeil is a retired Methodist minister and author. He also writes poetry.

Bob McNeil has a new book — a biography of Clarence True Wilson who considered Gresham his home.

Spirit Press has published a revision ofBook about Clarence True Wilson the book first published in 1992 under the title Valiant for Truth. The new addition is titled Clarence Darrow’s Unlikely Friend: Clarence True Wilson: Debaters But Always Friends. The book provides a history of Prohibition, and the life of Wilson, who built The Methodist Building in Washington D.C. Wilson debated Clarence Darrow 46 times across the country on the issue of Prohibition. They became best friends.

Bob McNeil’s research for the book was done with the help of Wilson’s daughter, Maribeth Collins, of the Collins Foundation.

Amazon link to Robert McNeil’s book

The 1992 book:
Valiant For Truth: Clarence True Wilson and Prohibition

Nancy Woods

Article about Valiant for Truth

Nancy Woods is an Alaskan-born writer who says she doesn’t understand where poems come from. Some of hers appeared during classes and workshops taken at Eastrose. Others just seem to bubble up through the floorboards or catch her unawares as she’s driving to Fred Meyer. She has shared some of her poems online