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Got news for Eastrose?  Use the form below to mail off your story!  You can send it to the Sunday Order of Service, e-News, Eastrose web site, or the Petals.  If you want to send to more than one recipient, select then by holding down the Ctrl key as you click (Windows) or holding down the Apple key as you click (Apple). In selecting the outlet to use for your announcement, consider the scope of distribution, publication frequency, and deadline for each publication.  In particular, you may want to carefully consider how broadly you want news with personal information (names, phone numbers, email addresses, life events) distributed.  If there is information in your article that you think you may want to keep confidential, tell the recipient of your note.  The following are a few guidelines for choosing recipients.

  • Order of Service inserts must be received by 8:30 AM the Thursday before the service.  Announcements are very likely to be read by those actively involved at Eastrose, irrespective of their access to a computer.  Order of Service announcements have the most discreet and limited distribution.
  • The e-News deadline is 3:00 PM on the Monday preceding the Wednesday of publication.  Of the four outlets, only the Order of Service is more confidential than the e-News.  The e-News is mailed only to Eastrose members and selected friends.  (Nevertheless, emails can always get forwarded and are not particularly secure.)  Another advantage of e-News is that your news is more likely to get read than if it only appears on the Eastrose web site or in the Petals.  The web site and Petals require the reader to make an effort to open and read through the material or even to seek out the news.  The disadvantage of the e-News, however, is your article will not be seen by those without computers.
  • The Petals needs articles by the 15th of each month of publication.  The Petals has the largest audience of members and potential members after the web site.  The audience includes other churches and institutions, some of which are not Unitarian Universalist.  The Order of Service and the Petals are the only outlets listed here that reach members who do not use computers.  Because the Petals is mailed to a limited list of recipients, it is more confidential than an article on the Eastrose web site.  Of the four out news outlets, however, it has the least frequent publication.
  • The Eastrose web site public pages can be viewed around the world by anyone with a computer web browser.  There is no deadline per se, articles can be posted as soon as the webmaster receives them, and they will remain on the web until the date that you request that they be removed.  The Eastrose web site has both public pages and member-only pages.  Your article would appear on the public side.  This outlet is therefore best for news with little or no personal content.

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