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Tandi Rogers
Tandi Rogers

Tandi Rogers’ Blog Tandi Rogers has been the Program Specialist for the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations in the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho) since 2002. Her job description is simply “supporting all programs and people who breath life into the mission of a congregation.” This includes youth ministry and young adult ministry, social justice, lifespan faith formation, and leadership development. She is also a candidate for the ministry, is in seminary at Seattle University, and is a freshly minted Credentialed Religious Educator – master level.

The Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF) is a congregation of Unitarian Universalists found all over the world. The members may be isolated by chance or by choice, but through the CLF they maintain a spiritual connection to our religion for themselves and their children. Many members are active in local congregations as well as the CLF. The CLF also encourages the growth of small congregations and provides support for ministers and people of other faiths. Members receive mailings of Quest, a monthly publication of sermans and other material and uu&me!, a children’s magazine. Also offered are religious education materials and consultation, a loan library of books, audio and videotapes, email lists and a cyber community.

The Community of Welcoming CongregationsThe Community of Welcoming Congregations (CWC) is a Portland metropolitan area association of spiritual congregations that welcome and affirm people of all sexual orientations.

Taking it Home: Families and Faith The U.U.A.’s Family Matters Task Force is presenting a new booklet series: Taking It Home: Families and Faith. The series was written for congregations and families to use at home and in community to support them through life transitions and spiritual/ethical challenges. These booklets are published on the UUA website:, and are also available on CD.

Virtual Tour of the UUA Planning a trip to Boston? Interested in Unitarian Universalist History? Can’t visit 25 Beacon Street in person? Then you might be interested in exploring the new “Virtual Tour” of the U.U.A. The tour currently includes wonderful photos of the physical building, inside and out, as well as pictures and information on the portraits and artifacts on display there. You’ll also find a new guide for youth groups planning a trip to Boston, and a wealth of information on UU history. Visit this site: