Art Show Agreement


Name of Artist:  ___________________________________

Phone #’s: ______________________________________
Address:  _______________________________________
Date of show:  ___________________________________

1. There is room for approximately 10 to 20 framed works in the front lobby.  Some of these spaces are above the coat racks, and are hung using a ladder.  If there is a very large show, there is room for approximately 10 paintings in the central hallway.  For artists exhibiting more than one time in a period of two or three years, it is strongly encouraged that a minimum of 80% of the work is new or not previously exhibited at Eastrose.  Artists are expected to use good judgment in the selection of appropriate work to hang as well as in the amount of work to be exhibited.   The work must be tasteful to the degree that a reasonable person would not be offended, since Eastrose has visitors who are there for purposes other than attending an art gallery. 

2. All artwork must be framed and presented in a professional manner.  Works must be ready to hang. 

3. A show will last for two months unless otherwise arranged.  Works of art should not be removed during the show unless comparable replacements are made.  The Art Show Coordinator should be contacted before changing paintings. 

4. A brief biography of 3 or 4 sentences should be submitted to the church administrator at least one week before the show.  This will be printed in the Sunday Order of Service, in the monthly newsletter, and submitted to the Oregonian and the Outlook.  A longer biography may be displayed in the lobby gallery and placed on the church/gallery website.  The webmaster will create a courtesy virtual exhibit of the show if the artist so wishes, in which case the artist needs to supply photos of all or some of the work exhibited, verbal descriptions of each artwork as to size and medium, a photo of himself/herself, and biography and/or artistic statement. 

5. The gallery is open from 9:30 to 1:00 on Sunday mornings, or by mutual arrangement.  Contact the church administrator and/or the Art Show Coordinator to arrange viewing times in advance.  Advertising for the exhibit is encouraged and is the responsibility of the artist.

6. The artist may use the church lobby for one reception during the show.  Arrangements must be made with the church administrator and the Art Show Coordinator at least one month in advance of the show to reserve a date on the calendar.  Food may be brought in.  Drinks may be cooled in the refrigerator, space permitting.  All napkins, glassware, tablecloths and dishes must be provided by the artist.  Cleanup must be complete and furniture arranged to its original state; a janitorial fee of $50.00 will be assessed if additional services are needed. 

7. All sales will be handled by the artist.  All work should be labeled in a legible, neat manner, displaying title and price.  There is space to display an information sheet and price list and corresponding numbers can be placed on the pieces or on the wall next to the pieces using a non-damaging adhesive.  Eastrose requests a 15% commission of works sold, a voluntary donation payable at the close of the exhibit. 

8. Eastrose will take all sensible precautions for the safety of the art while it is on display. Artists should be aware that many activities take place at the church. Eastrose will not move any artwork for these activities; however, the artist will be contacted if there is reason to believe the pieces would be in particular jeopardy for any reason.  The church is used by members as well as occasional renters.  The Eastrose insurance policy does not include liability coverage for artwork.  The artist agrees to hold the Eastrose Fellowship Universalist Universalist harmless for any art lost, damaged, or stolen while it is on exhibit at the church.

I have read the above guidelines and liability statements and am in agreement with them:


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