Art Gallery Use


Information for Artists

Shows in the Eastrose Art Gallery are usually three months long.  A show may be small (about 6-10 paintings) or larger (The largest show so far had 34 paintings).   Shows may be one-artist shows, several-artist shows or theme shows.   Art suitable for hanging on walls is best, as there are no showcases.  The work must be ready to hang (we can’t mat or frame items).

"Mona Lisa with Chalice" was created by Denis Riorden Orsinger of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax, Virginia and is used with her permission.

The work must be tasteful to the degree that a reasonable person would not be offended since Eastrose Gallery has many visitors who are there for purposes other than attending an art gallery.  The works should hang for the entire show.  Exceptions may be granted if the artist will hang a comparable artwork in the place of the removed one; this must be done with the involvement of the Committee.   A shorter show may also be arranged.  Artists may sell paintings (in which case they are asked to donate 15% of the sale to Eastrose) or may just exhibit their work.

Artists are responsible for hanging their own works at a time mutually convenient to artist and at least one Eastrose committee member.

Artists may have a reception if they wish, to be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the artist and the Eastrose Art Gallery Committee.

Eastrose Gallery will publicize the shows in their newsletter, order of service, and website and will send a press release to the Oregonian and the Outlook.  Artists may publicize their shows by mailings or in other convenient ways.  Pictures of artist’s works will (if the artist wishes) be displayed in a virtual exhibit on the Gallery website.

Interested artists please contact he office.   Artists must complete the Artist’s Agreement with Eastrose and Inventory Form.